When did it become acceptable to be average to run a country or a huge business? Why is this bullshit sticking? Do we want our children to be taught by average teachers and professors? Do we hire average doctors and lawyers because they have small town experience?

Why is an old guy that makes poor decision considered to be so wise? When did being 72 become an acceptable age to run one of the largest and most complicated institutions in the world? There isn't a 72 year old out there that is capable of relating to the new global high speed world we live in today.

I am sick to my stomach that our country is buying into this crap. I am sick to my stomach that I was in the military and a young republican in college and this is the party I have been left with. I am now a democrat thanks to Bush and Rumsfeld.

We don't let little league coaches go straight to the big leagues. We don't let small town surgeons with very little experience operate on world leaders so why is a small town mayor somehow qualified to run our country?

Our country was established in the North East by smart people. Most of us want our kids to attend ivy league schools if they are smart enough to get accepted. We want experienced doctors to operate on our parents. We want experienced attorneys to handle our legal issues. We want experienced bus drivers to drive our kids to school. We want experienced carpenters to build the decks behind our homes.

We don't hire 72 year old retirees or seniors to run huge organizations. We ask 72 year old people for advice. We offer them advisory positions or board seats. More importantly, we don't hire inexperienced people to do important jobs.

Why are we allowing our elected leaders fail to meet these simple credentials?

Brian Benko